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Dedicated to people of Mumbai

The raison-d'etre of this video is two fold : one to serve as a reminder so we don't shove those memories under the carpet and move on aimlessly. Second whatever meant by being upright and responsible citizen is not enough, we need to come out of our security zones (they don't exist anymore) and stand together to build a future for us.
Blaming politicians and system and media is not going to end anything. Let us all forget about petty differences that continues to divide India. History has taught us again and again that divided we fall - united we stand. We don't know what the immediate and long-term solutions are but all we know that we shouldn't forget about how vulnerable we are and we come together to discuss and design a safer and better India for us all.

Thanks much Channel [v], MTV, CNN-IBN, Aaj-Tak, News 24, Zee-music, IBN-7, E-24 and others to air it without second thoughts. Also the radio stations to consider this song in their programming. Laksh Media has also decided to play it across all their displays across the city. If you like the message, hopefully you'd forward this video-link to everyone.

Dedicated to people of Mumbai

Attacks left us shocked and numb. Alcohol was one medicine during and after conversations that would usually revolve around hopelessness, vulnerability, frustration. Few evenings later, out of the blue, Manish Gupta & Rima Das made a call 'lets do something about it' to our musician and lyricist friends Prashant Vadhyar and Niren Bhatt.. thats how it all began.

They came up with a rough scratch by next day evening.. which we shared with filmmaking community and requested help which so easily poured in. So many of us came together.. camera rentals, post-production facilities were donated, professionals offered their services.. Mumbai's true spirit was in full bloom.. everything then fell in place very quickly, we did it without spending any money.

The following deserve a round of applause for their dedicated help and support:

Director :
Manish Gupta, Ami Thanawala, Dipti Nangia, Pritisagar Singh, Rima Das

Music :
Prashat Vadhyar, Vishal Singh

Lyrics :
Niren Bhatt

Editor :
Manish Gupta

PR :
Pritisagar Singh, Reena Pujara


Special thanks to : Mehul Nisar (Rodium Group), Samir Sheikh, Birju Boricha, Narendra Mojidra, Partho Mukherjee, Niti Mathur, Anand Modhe, Adil Wassen, Abhay Tiwari, Narendra Pahade, Jayant Mishra, 1Take Media, Ashish Vyas

Actors : Vikrant Anand, Jyoti Patel, Narendra Pahade, Deval Trivedi, Nagnath Askulkar, Saroj Parida, Nitin Pande, Irshad Ali Khan, Deepak Lohar, Geeya Kamble, Monica Batra (and others who forgot to leaves their details behind, pl contact and we'd promptly update the list.

Thank you Mumbai. We salute your spirit!