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We are a film-TV production house where we strive for creative satisfaction and ever-exciting work environment. The projects are a by-product (at least we like to think that) of the fun we try to have.

It’s a slim, organic organization where creative people, who are aware of their self-actualization needs are always welcome. Although, we have made our presence felt with the projects we have handled so far but still there is a lot more to learn and our best is yet to come.

Our aim is to be a tour-de-force and create a small corner for us and be remembered for the movies we make. Size matters but quality matters more. We are gearing towards a substantial, self-indulgent future where we create a respectable space and presence that our associates are proud of.
5 Friends, 1 house, 0 rules

Roomies, a groundbreaking show for channel [v] – which was their first fiction show got the youth going crazy. It resonated with the young hearts and went on to become the first successful fiction show on a youth channel.

‘Roomies’ is a story about 5 friends who accidently end-up sharing a house - all the rules are broken and friendship is tested. While dealing with their day-to-day affairs they learn important lessons of life.

The Show introduces variety of issues like career conflicts, dating dilemmas, life-style and relationship patterns that define the youth of India. Roomies was a one hour weekly show that ruled the primetime. We take pride in the fact that we were able to launch an entirely new cast that became the heartthrob of the nation instantly.

Karma, confessions & Holi
Legendary Robert DeNiro’s daughter made her debut as a producer when she fell in love with the script written by Manish
. It brought together some leading names from Bollywood and Hollywood both. In the US, the movie had opened in the prestigious TriBeCa film festival.

A story about human relationships, about truths that turn the world of the people in it, upside down in a moment of drunken confessions.

There is loneliness, confusion, compromise and sex. And there is undying spirit of Holi - the festival of colors and new beginnings.
Ab Bas
Roughly translated in English means ‘enough’

This music video was our instant reaction to terrorist attacks on Mumbai. 26/11 was a black day in the history of the world when the whole world watched with horror and shame a terrorist drama where India was kept hostage. The raison-d’etre of this video is two fold: one to serve as a reminder so we don’t shove those memories under the carpet and move on aimlessly.

Secondly, whatever meant by being a upright and responsible citizen is not enough, we need to come out of our security zones (that don’t exist anymore) and stand together to build a peaceful future for us.
Indian Fish in American Waters
This was the directorial debut of Manish Gupta. Movie opened in packed theaters in a NY Film Festival, then it traveled to London, Toronto, Washington DC, San Fran amongst other places. This was a firm foundation that led to other bigger projects.

Promised a lucrative job, computer engineer Naveen (Raj Vasudeva) moves to New York and lands something far better than a swanky office in this romantic comedy. The new job is miserable, but Naveen perks up when he meets cutie Megha (Shweta Malhotra). The two hit it off, but Megha's Gujarati parents disapprove, friends interfere and the two struggle to keep their love alive despite bad advice, comic mishaps and misunderstandings.
Wet Dreams
It’s a fun music video promoting wet dreams over sex. In Manish’s words this is how the video came about :

“One day I hung out with Itzel & Anastasia @ Jack Dazey’s studio – slightly tipsy, we came up with a song and met another day to shoot it at times square.. so just one day to create the song, another day to shoot and a day to edit it.. the whackiness of the whole concept still lingers..”