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Indian Fish in American Waters

Indian Fish is a contemporary romantic comedy involving first and second generation South Asians living in America. Naveen, a young computer engineer from Hyderabad, comes to New York and meets Megha, a quirky, artsy Gujarati girl who has grown up in America. Comic misunderstandings, parental disapproval and the misguided advice of their respective friends threaten their budding romance.

Along their journey we encounter the assortment of amusing characters that are part of their lives and whose archetypes the audience will surely recognize from their own.

Cast :
Raj Vasudeva, Shweta Malhotra, Saumya Kumar Bhatnagar, Puja Lalmalani,
Elma Kumbaro, Gaurav Rawal, Monica Shah (Nicky)

Director :
Manish Gupta

Screenplay :
Manish Gupta

Executive Producer :
Chandra Karnati, Devendra Gupta, Jagan Yedida, Lakshmi Damodar

Producer :
Malvika Gupta

Director of Photography :
Tim Neylor

Editor :
Manish Gupta