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Roomies is the first fiction show on Channel [v] that captivated the Indian youth as soon as it was launched in 2010. It is a weekly show that was given the prime slot for youth and aired every Saturday at 7 PM. ‘Roomies’ is a story about 5 friends who live in a house without any rules.

Meet the Roomies
Mira Saha has just returned to India from the USA. Unlike other 20 year olds, she is pretty sensible. She is passionate about photography, blogging and tweeting. Carefree, dreamer and fashionista she is a perfect girl that any guy would go head-over-heals for.

Zizou Irani, another 20 year old, is the owner of the house. Crazy about video games, girls and movies, he is always in and out of relationships. With his cool quotient, charming ways, and a plethora of relationship experiences he is easily the guy others look up to in the matters of the heart.

Jaspreet Kakkar aka Jessie is a naive, confused and gullible, soft-hearted punjabi. He flirts with every girl only to find his foot-in-the-mouth most of the times. A sweet baby of the gang his innocence wins him the loyalty of his roomies.

Adi - not too happy with his long name 'Adityanandan Mathur' is Mr Sincere. Studious, no-nonsense, socially shy, it was always going to be a roller-coaster when he fell in love with bubbly Nuts.

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Natasha Irani, the drama queen appropriately called 'Nuts' is your bubbly - chulbuli wanna-be-actress who finds it very difficult to choose between career or love. She always lands herself in a trouble without being too sensitive of to other's feelings.
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